by Huong Dishian, Founder

hd 01Agriculture faces unprecedented challenges and opportunities to meeting future consumer demand. With world population rapidly growing and natural resource constraints facing society, agriculture must find ways to double yields in the next 30 to 40 years. The significant advances of seed technology over the last decade greatly increased crop production and changed the industry. In this rapidly changing industry accurate analytics are critical to guide decisions.

We expect the leading innovators will become even more productive in creating or adapting new products, and will strive to improve productivity and efficiencies in getting those products to the market. There will be a ripple effect through the value chain of the industry.

Manufacturers will seek more innovative solutions to increase farming productivity, such as genetic advancement, cutting-edge equipment to improve precision farming, and enhanced bundle services such as GPS, input applications and financing for producers. Manufacturers will collaborate with other sectors to find innovative solutions. Regulatory challenges are likely to increase which translate to additional cost and liability across the ag community.

Producers will look to manufacturers for customized solutions that contribute to their agronomic needs, mitigate their risks and improve their bottom line performance. While more innovative product choices will become available, they will still expect access to them, and continue to be price conscience. A clear idea return on their input investment will be required to inform their purchase decisions.

The surge in product choices will increase complexity for retailers/ distributors. This channel will be even more proactive in learning new innovations and multiple factors to consider, such as infield benefits, regulatory, and sustainability. Improving efficiency and profitability are key motivators in their business strategies.

With the increasing demand and speed of change, agribusiness decision-makers can get pulled in many directions or fall prey to emotional influences. Applying precision analytics to their decision-making process will provide a clear picture of their opportunities and challenges, allowing them to make fact-based decisions.

At HD Precision Analytics, we've seen a tremendous increase in the amount of data available in the ag industry. We helped clients turned their data into better decisions. Through analytics, companies that are able to recognize challenges, identify changing trends, and forecast future demand, are in the best position to efficiently and profitably bring product to the market.

HD Precision Analytics works collaboratively with clients in providing customized analytics to help agribusiness strengthen strategic execution, assess financial investments, segment customers, and improve productivity and efficiency. We also specialize in sales forecasting to help clients mitigate profit loss with supply management.

HD Precision Analytics has 20 years of business management and analysis experience, and specializes in agriculture, providing analytics for Fortune 500 for 15 years.

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